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5 Steps to the Perfect Horse Riding Ménage

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If you have ever dreamt of possessing your own ménage, it’s really important to seek advice from an expert. By doing so, you will be able to plan better with regard to both the materials and finances. Once you have these in place, here are the steps you can follow to erect that equine arena.

Choose A Size and Mark the Area

Before you start building, you should come up with clear measurements on the size. If you need a ménage for domestic use, a 40×20 arena may be ideal. A commercial area will however call for double or triple those measurements. The moment you have decided on the ideal size, you can go ahead mark out the area with wooden pegs.

Excavate and Level the Site

The next thing you need to do is to excavate and level the area – it has to be flat and drainable. This will require you to strip the grass and remove about 4 inches of soil before you level the surface. If your surface isn’t flat, you can use graded stone to level the low area, but be sure to compact it properly so your arena doesn’t end up with hollows and dips.

Dig the Drainage

It is very important to do the drainage right when constructing a ménage. Otherwise, you will end up with a soggy ménage. All the water that falls on the area should be directed away and into a drain, stream or ditch. The trenches you dig for the drains should have sloping bottoms and should be deep enough to cater for 4 inch perforated drains.

Fence the Area

Once you are through with the above steps, you can now fence the area. You can use treated 12 inch rails and rectangular posts which should be placed about a meter into the ground with another 1.4 meters sticking above. The posts should be chunky so they are not easily pushed over by the horses.

Install a Membrane

A membrane will go a long way into stopping the drainage layer from being clogged. It will also keep the drainage bed and the working surface fully separated. To stop the membrane from slipping or opening up after installation, you should tape or staple it to the boards. Finally, you can install a suitable surface to minimise the risk of injury and also keep your horses fit.

Longmore Plant Hire provides plant hire which consists of site dumpers, post hole borers, power tilt buckets and tracked excavators. Our company also has construction experts who can help you handle your ménage construction issues regardless of the scale of your project. To obtain appropriate machinery or services for your horse riding arena, please contact us and we will make every effort to ensure that you get all the equipment you need.

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