Are Conservatories Really Worth it?

Conservatories are a great way to add a bit of extra space in your home and with approximately 18% of all homes across the country have one you can see how they are growing in popularity. This can be a great place to relax all year round whether it is hot or cold outside, however, getting a conservatory built is quite the investment so the question we will be answering is, are conservatories really worth it?

What People Who Already Have a Conservatory Think

According to Which’s survey carried out on hundreds of conservatory owners, 44% of them say that if they would do the process again they would do something different such as the materials used or the interior so making sure you take the time to pick the correct style you want could save you thousands of pounds worth of renovations in the future. However, 84% of these people also believed that having a conservatory would add value to their home which is an important factor for some people.

Depending on why you want a conservatory will probably play a big role in whether it would be worth it or not. 46% of people get a conservatory for more living space, 35% get it to fill the gap between the home and the garden, 31% of people are replacing an existing conservatory, 26% want to add value to their home and 16% want to get some more natural light.

Why You Should Get a Conservatory

One of the biggest reasons to get a conservatory is the value it adds to a home, a lot of people are unsure if it does add value or not, it has actually been found to help since it adds about 5% to the sale price of a house.

On average in the UK, a conservatory will cost between £8,000 to £9,000. Based on the average 5% value increase that conservatories add to your property, your house needs to be worth about £180,000 or more before adding a conservatory, for you to either break even or start to profit from it. However, this is just an estimation and should not be used as factual evidence, you should speak to a few local estate agents about this as well.

Conservatories are often favoured over extensions due to the natural light that they bring into the home and the space they provide to enjoy the sunshine even when it isn’t warm outside (which is a lot in England). 

Conservatories give families that bit of extra space when they feel quite cramped in the house. They could also be a great place for people who love gardening as it works much like a greenhouse due to all of the natural light coming in.

What Would People Change About Their Conservatory?

According to another Which survey, people listed what they would be most likely to change if they did it all again.

33% said that they would get the self-cleaning glass, 28% said that they would get a bigger conservatory, 21% said they would change the roof to be made of glass, 16% would change the shape and 16% would use anti-glare glass.

This should help you get a better idea of what you need to consider when getting a conservatory so you don’t make the same mistakes.

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