The Importance of Building Foundations

Foundations are the lower portion of a building structure which helps to support the building itself. They work by transferring their weight onto layers of soil or rock. Without this fundamental element, buildings wouldn’t have the strength to hold themself up for long periods of time like they should. This should help you to understand a bit more about building foundations and the importance of them in our society. 

Why building Foundations Are Necessary

A buildings strength comes from its foundation. When this is built correctly it will help to keep the building standing upright while forces of nature cause havoc. The building’s foundation will help to protect the occupants during natural disasters like earthquakes, floods, strong winds and just everyday usage. When the foundation is built poorly, it can be dangerous for everyone inside and outside the building. Some buildings these days are so tall so if they are constructed poorly and end of falling over because it wasn’t supported, it could cause irreversible damage. Ensuring you have a professional installing your building foundations is extremely important. 

Types of Building Foundations

Foundations are usually broken down into two categories shallow and deep, these two different types of foundations are very different.

Shallow foundations are placed nearer to the surface of the earth and it will transfer the weight load at shallow depths. This foundation is generally around 1.5-3 meters deep making it a lot cheaper and easier to construct. However, this foundation is often weaker when supporting lateral loads.

Deep foundations, on the other hand, are placed deeper than shallow foundations to transfer the weight onto deep layers of rocks in the ground. Although these foundations can support heavier structures, they are more expensive due to it being a lot more complex to carry out. Although these foundations are often essential for the job at hand, they also take longer to build and sometimes not as flexible.

Get Your Foundations Started

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